Ofsted Report and Press Release

‘GOOD’ times at The Catholic High School, Chester

School community celebrates Ofsted Rating with special drone video

Students and staff at The Catholic High School, Chester celebrated their recent Ofsted Good rating by gathering to make a very special video.

The school community came together to spell out the word ‘GOOD’ on the school field, with school leaders employing a drone to take an aerial video that will be shared with parents and pupils, and splashed across the school’s social media channels.

Headteacher Cathryn McKeagney said “We wanted to create a ‘moment to remember’ for all of our staff and students. We hope the message of the video reflects the fact that our rating isn’t achieved by just a small group of people. It is a collective effort from the whole school – staff, governors, students, parents, and all who support us.”

“Since the pandemic, there have been so many challenges for our school community, and we felt that this would be a beautiful and symbolic way to show what we can achieve together. The Catholic High School, Chester is a place where everyone is welcome to come and share their talents and efforts, and we wanted this moment to reflect that fact.”

Chair of Trust, Bernard Larkin said “We are delighted to receive a Good rating from Ofsted, which is testament to the school leadership and hard work of staff and students despite the impacts of the pandemic and its restrictions in recent years.”

”The report highlights many strengths of this school, including the relationships between pupils and teachers, which are described as strong and based on mutual respect. Inspectors also commented on how much our pupils value the sense of community within the school. Our special video reflects that sense of togetherness.”

The report, which can be read here also highlights other strengths and improvements within the school including ”high aspirations”, ”high-quality education”, and the fact that ”pupils and students are safe, happy and content.”

When you read just some of the amazing number of positive phrases within the recent Ofsted report ‘there is a strong culture of safeguarding, bullying is dealt with swiftly and effectively, teachers have high expectations for the achievement of pupils, staff appreciate leaders strategies to consider staff well-being and governors and trustees know the school well, you know we have a school to be proud of and they deserve the ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted. The phrase ‘pupils value the sense of community within the school’ sums up how much more the school is than a place to learn and pass exams. It places the pupil at the heart of all the decision making and by everyone following the Gospel values, they remain ‘Christo Fidelis’, Faithful to Christ. Well done to everyone!

Jane Johnson

Chair of Governors.

Feb. 16th 2022






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