A high standard of School uniform plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence and a feeling of belonging within our students. It also promotes wellbeing by removing the pressures of have to decide what to wear each day and meeting the expectations of their peers.

It is for these reasons we work hard to maintain the high standards of personal appearance demonstrated by our students.


School Uniform

School Blazer Black, plain with TCHSC school badge on chest pocket, to be worn at all time.
Tie TCHSC green with school logo.
Shirt Plain white.
Trousers / Skirt Black, plain, knee length skirt or regular cut trousers.
Please note – Fashion trousers, jeans, corduroys or leggings are not permitted.
Jumper (Optional) TCHSC green V-neck jersey or cardigan.
Shoes Plain black, polishable shoes.
Socks/tights Plain black tights or plain black or white socks below the knee.
Outside coat Appropriate coat for inclement weather.
Please note – Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted.
School Bag This should suitable to carry all the relevant school equipment.
Please note – small fashion handbags are not permitted.
Jewellery / Make up / Hair One small ring – not a sovereign ring.
Earrings – one metal stud earring in the lower lobe per ear.
A cross on a chain if worn inside of clothing.
No tongue, facial rings / nose studs or any other piercings.
Subtle make-up may be worn.
Please note – coloured nail polish, false nails or false eye lashes are not permitted

Please note – Extremes of hair styles (e.g. exaggerated steps, lines or patterns) or colour (e.g. purple, green, pink, blue or multiple colours) are not permitted.


Replacing items

We are aware that circumstances may mean that students need to wear alternatives while items of our uniform are replaced due to being out grown or damaged. In these situations, we ask that you provide a note that your child can carry with them.
This should include;
• Date written
• Reason for alternative uniform
• A date by which it will be rectified
• Parent / Carer signature
Year Leaders of Learning will monitor uniform and their decisions are final.  Parents are asked for their support in maintaining the school rules.

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