What is progress 8

What is Progress 8?

Currently all students, Academies and schools are measured on how many GCSE’s they achieve at A*-C including English and Mathematics.

From 2016 all students and Academies will be measured on how much progress they make from when they start in Year 7 to when they complete their exams at the end of Year 11. This will be known as PROGRESS 8.

In 2016 Progress 8 will be introduced for all. The Progress 8 measure is designed to encourage all students to study a broad and balanced curriculum. The new measure will be based on students’ progress measured across eight subjects. For each student the 8 subjects must be a combination from the diagram below.

The Progress 8 score will always be determined by dividing the points total by 10 (the eight qualifications with English and Mathematics counting double), regardless of how many qualifications your child sits or in which subjects.

Each student will also leave the Academy with the following information;

– Attainment 8 – showing the pupils’ average achievement in the same suit of subjects as the Progress 8 measure.
– English and Mathematics – If your child achieved a C grade or better in both English (either Language or Literature) and Mathematics.
– The Ebacc – If your child achieved good grades (A*-C) across a range of academic subjects.
(This will also be available about schools, for parents to be able to compare School performance).

Below is a mock example of what your child will leave the Academy with in Year 11.



Qualifications that will count toward the Progress 8 measure

All full-course GCSEs count towards the Progress 8 measure, along with any approved, high-value qualifications.

Other approved qualifications

Up to three vocational qualifications can count towards the Progress 8 measure. In the open group of subjects, any GCSE can count, or any of the high-value, approved vocational and academic qualifications can count.

Double-weighting of English and Maths

All Students at The Catholic High School will study both English Language and English Literature. When results are in, the higher grade will count twice and the lower grade will form part of Progress 8 if one of their best 8 grades. All Students at The Catholic High School will study Mathematics. The result of this will automatically count twice.

Science subjects

All students at The Catholic High School will study Science up to the age of 16. Double science will count as two slots in the Progress 8 measure. Separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics each count as one slot.

Students who are capable of achieving good grades and enjoy Science will be encouraged to sit individual Science subjects.

EBacc measure

The EBacc recognises the success of those young people who attain GCSEs, at grades 9-5 (A*- C in old grades) in the following subjects:

English, Mathematics, Geography or History, Science and Spanish

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