We provide an inclusive education for all students and value all students as individuals, focussing education on ‘the whole child’.

All students receive an education that will best meet their particular needs, to enable all pupils to receive their full entitlement to a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum, with access to a wide range of experiences.

We pride ourselves as being an inclusive school; one where diversity is valued and support is provided to every child regardless of their level of need. All pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level and a pace that is appropriate to their abilities. At times and when it is felt appropriate, modifications to the curriculum may be implemented. We believe that positive relationships are the foundation of all learning and therefore have developed an ethos that values these above all else. We also believe that praise and encouragement is the best way to improve self-esteem and foster motivation amongst our pupils. Children learn best when their basic needs are met, therefore we will work closely with parents and other agencies to ensure that pupils are able to make good progress, adopting a person centred approach to any provisio. We recognise that our pupils have different strengths and weaknesses and will develop and progress at different rates; each child is unique and we aim for them all to reach their full potential.

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