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In 2019, I became Headteacher of The Catholic High School in Chester and I have never looked back. The school upholds everything I see as vital for any school; the desire for students to succeed, pastoral care where every child is seen as an individual and a mutually supportive community.

Our results speak for themselves but it is the compassion I see between staff and students which is the essence of our school. Our children know we have their best interests at heart and seek to help them become successful happy individuals. In November 2021, Ofsted confirmed that we are a good school and children flourish at The Catholic High.

We are a Catholic school yet we have many faiths join us. We are proud that our children exhibit their faith and values every day through their interaction with others, whether within this school community or the community outside our gates. We are a school for everyone.

Do we get everything right? Of course not, but together we learn from all of our experiences and we gain strength from each other in order to make life here at The Catholic High School happy and safe. Don’t just take my word for it- come and see us.










Mrs C McKeagney

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